Palandriel - We are looking for more team members


Dear Hytale enthusiasts,
Palandriel is a Hytale server project that has been planned for a long time and is gaining more and more depth and details.
Our concept builds on the survival and adventure aspects of the game. Nevertheless, we want the typical sandbox flair
do not disregard and focus on it; however "on our terms".
Our main features include guilds, dungeons, a complex economic system, own items & mobs,
a sophisticated freebuild system and a lot more.
This is only a small part of our concept, for more information visit our website.

How do we want to implement our concept?

Our planned features will be implemented in the background by our four-person development team. In the game itself
Builders design the appearance of the server. The texture designers take over the appearance of our server's own items and mobs.
Everything is coordinated in consultation with the project management and through the use of our concept and the individual / feasible
Community wishes.
In order not to fall into chaos for the release, we have also developed a release concept.

What are we looking for?

We are primarily looking for other team members (builders, supporters, moderators, graphic designers, texture designers), but you can
also simply be interested in projects, who follow the development of our project or through discussions & new ones
Want to help shape ideas.

Our requirements
You should bring the following with you if you want to be part of the team on the project:

General requirements
(1) Interested in the Hytale game
(2) Ability to work in a team, willingness to communicate, honesty
(3) Minimum age: 18 years (exceptions possible)
(4) (Possibly) previous experience in the desired area

Special requirements
As a supporter or moderator, you are, among other things, a figurehead for the server. A good demeanor is essential. Above all in this position, willingness to communicate and help is required, but also empathy and (healthy) assertiveness. Previous experience is desirable, but not compulsory.
Your areas of responsibility include processing tickets, but also supporting and helping the players in the game.

As a builder, you are responsible for the appearance of the server. You should primarily master the architectural style Fantasy-Middle Ages, to a small extent also Steampunk.

Graphic and texture designers
As a texture or. Graphic designer you design graphic content for the project. A certain amount of creativity is therefore essential. The graphic designer is primarily responsible for the graphic content of the website. As a texture designer, you create our own mobs and items on the server.

Closing words

If we have piqued your interest, please join our Discord, ask us questions or visit our website.
If you would like to participate in our project as a team member, join our Discord and apply for yours there
Desired position. If you would like to find out a little more about us beforehand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Feel free to add me to Discord: Prokyn#9475


Push: We are still looking for another supporter or moderator, 3 to 4 builders and 1 to 2 graphics or Texture designer.