Developer Hytale Server

Hi there,
We are looking for several team members for our Hytale server, which we want to launch after the game has been released.

We are five young people aged 15-17 and are looking for people who would like to set up and develop a Hytale server with us. That is why we are already in the process of setting up a server team and have already secured three very good domains. If you now want to create a Hytale minigames and adventure server with us in every position you think you can, please write to me! We have some experience in running a server and until a few months ago we had a server with up to 50 players at its peak, but we no longer had a developer. We especially need help on this front because none of them really know anything about e.g. Java Script (probable scripting language in Hytale), but we can build quite well for that