Developer Hytale Project - Interested?

Have you heard of Hytale and are just as hype as I am? Then this job advertisement could be something for you!

About me
I am 18 years old and live in beautiful Austria. My main job is a computer science apprentice (programmer) and I'm learning a little bit about project management in the company. Besides Minecraft, I like to play other role-playing games. I'm also a self-proclaimed technology freak.

About the project
So now we come to the exciting part. You're probably wondering what kind of project this should be and why I'm looking for people when the game isn't even in beta, let alone gameplay content. To answer the latter question (s), in my opinion you can't look for people who are enthusiastic about something early enough. Especially with a game like Hytale, it is important to start planning a project earlier.

But now to the project itself. To be honest, I don't yet know exactly what kind of project it should be. One consideration would of course be to create a minigame or RPG server (although I believe that the former will be more common). But it could also be some kind of film production or something completely different. My main concern is to be one of the first to do something about the game in German-speaking countries. True to the saying "The early bird catches the worm".

If you feel like having a little chat or are interested in joining the team, just write me a private message. As I said, I am open to everything and of course I also bring in my own ideas. The only condition I have on a team member at the moment is mental maturity (in 95% of cases, around 16/17 years). Building a project from zero is not easy and although it's primarily about having fun, I still want to have a certain degree of maturity in the team.

Closing words
It is clear to me that for the most part the whole subject is still very distant. I mean, apart from an idea, website and graphics, there is not much that can be done yet. Nonetheless, I believe (as I mentioned earlier) that it is important to start planning your project early in order to be one of the first to begin with. At least that's what my experience so far has shown.

I look forward to everyone who is interested :)
Your HytaleUser


At the moment, due to various circumstances, all of which have something to do with Hytale, I have less time to get something up and running anyway. But I can tell you that I will soon publish something that will help all German Hytale players;)