Admin Find team members for a great Hytale server!

Moin to everyone
I am currently looking for a few more team members for a Hytale server I know that the game is not yet published but our team is already preparing. Now that there is no text here about the server would be very nice if you would take your time!

As I said, we will open a large Hytale server and program and play great games like BedWars, SkyWars or new game ideas!
You can expect events where you can win great prizes such as a premium rank or coins and much more!
I will soon also be happy to stream and upload videos on social media such as Twitch or YouTube so that I can show you more about the server! I will soon create a website for our Hytale server where there is a forum or where you can buy ranks etc. We will call our Discord and Hytale server DarkBlex! I hope to see you soon on our Discord and Hytale server, otherwise that's about it and I thank you for your attention. Bye and see you soon!

Here is the Discord server:
Here I am on Discord: UltrixZeno # 7630