Developers are looking for positions in the team


Hello, me and my work colleagues are looking for a job in a Hytale team. We are both looking for a capable team in which we can participate (in mine, financial support would also be possible)

To us, we are both Aw IT specialists.
We are not interested in payment but do not want to have to sign any contracts to join the team in return.
We are both over 20 and have at least 3 years of experience in different programming languages and Ci toolchain.
In addition, I have experience in marketing and management.

To you you are a team or in the process of building a team. You allow us to have a say in the development of the development area and you / you are at least 18.

We are not interested in the general management of the team, but only in having a say.

If the requirements fit somewhat, please contact me Discord: Marcel#7031

edit: fixed text structure