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The free version has been discontinued and will not receive new content updates, instead, I will only provide updates to support new versions of minecraft. If you are looking for the features listed on the wiki, please check the premium version instead

What is DailyShop?

DailyShop is an advanced shop plugin that aims to transform the economy of every server.

There are currently two forms of Minecraft economies that exists on modern servers. The first is vanilla which does not use plugins to assist in functionality within the economy. The second is a server-shop, vanilla blend, this method uses player-to-player trades and a server-wide shop that includes set prices for items to be bought and sold. The second method is often preferred on SMP/vanilla as it provides higher liquidity and engagement in the market than vanilla. However, on anarchy/semi-anarchy servers the vanilla-economy is provided as vanilla mechanics are often preferred.

Both methods have significant issues. Vanilla being the most obvious with incredibly low engagement in the market as trades are strictly player-to-player bartering. To fix this issue servers and plugin-makers have developed a server-economy. Plugins such as essentials and Vault’s API allows for a medium of exchange within Minecraft. This has drastically fixed a lot of issues with the bartering system within Minecraft. However, the issue of low market engagement persisted. This has had attempts to be “fixed” however, by introducing server-wide shop plugins, often in the form of shop GUI’s or sign-shops. This is the current “preferred” method of economies in Minecraft servers.

DailyShop aims to fix the still present problems in both methods by introducing shops with random items, picked from a configurable pool of items which are replaced by new random items after a certain amount of time. This feature allows players to engage more with the server economy and with more advanced features, such as stock for the items, dynamic prices, permissions per items and shopKeepers (Future update), admins will be able to control the volatility of the shop, have players compete for the items and keep them interested if stock is enabled and prevent whales from buying large amounts of items and break the economy of the server.




  • Features:
  • Shops where players can sell and buy configurable items.
  • Configurable timer (real time) to renew the items on a shop
  • Rarity system to determinate how likely is an item to appear on the shop
  • Set stock for items, with two options: Individual or Global.
  • Lock the amount of an item for a certain price.
  • Create bundles where you can buy two or more items for a certain price.
  • Permission per-shop and per-items.
  • Items can run commands when bought
  • Supports custom items and nbt Data:
    • Oraxen
    • Vouchers
    • MMOitems
    • Head Database
  • Multiple economies per-item (Premium):
    • Vault
    • GemsEconomy
    • PlayerPoints
    • TokenManager
    • Mpoints
    • UltraEconomy
  • Log System to keep track of all your player's transitions with handfull filters. You can also request a json file of the transactions.
  • Feature to set the price of an item as a random value between a given range
  • Customization
  • All messages on the plugin are customizable
  • In-built GUI to customizate every aspect of the items on the shop
    • Change name
    • Change lore
    • Change Material
    • Add/remove enchantments
    • Set Base64 Material
    • Add Item Flags
  • Customize the display of the shops to your liking: size, items, title and even the actions to make when a certain item is clicked
  • Placeholders per-shop
  • Any changes made to an item or shop are updated in real time for you without the need to reload the plugin
  • Yaml support
  • Performance
  • Every call to the database is made async
  • The rarity system is extremely efficient with no stress on CPU whatsover even with large collections of items
  • Complex processes are done either on parallel or async
  • Quality A code
  • /dshop open [shop] {player}
    • DailyRandomShop.open / DailyRandomShop.open.others
    • Opens the given shop for yourself or the given player
  • /dshop add [shop]
    • DailyRandomShop.addDailyItem
    • Opens the menu to add an item to the given shop
  • /dshop manage
    • DailyRandomShop.settings
    • Opens the menu to manage shops
  • /dshop reStock [shop]
    • DailyRandomShop.reStock
    • Force generation of new items and resets timer for the given shop
  • /dshop reload
    • DailyRandomShop.reload
    • Reloads plugin and config
  • /dshop help
    • Prompts help message
  • /dshop import [shop] [plugin] [_shop]
    • DailyRandomShop.import
    • Imports items from other plugins

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